Our services

Additive manufacturing can be used in many different areas. We offer three different technologies to meet your individual needs. With additive manufacturing, the only thing that can often hold you back is your own creativity.

These technologies are useful for products that have complex geometries and low volumes. If you have products that are almost ‘impossible’ to produce using conventional technologies, additive manufacturing could be the answer you are looking for. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We have a lot of experience of the various requirements that industrial companies have and we do our utmost to meet your expectations. We can help you produce production components and prototypes. We work with industry and many different sectors, including the automotive, defence, telecommunications and medical sectors. You can read more about our different technologies, their advantages and their limitations on their individual pages.

  • SLS - Selektive Laser Sintering

    SLS is the technology you should use if function and durability play an important role. SLS is great for both prototypes and serial production. It uses a material called polyamide, which provides the components with a life that is comparable to injection-moulded components. SLS components are normally sent within 2-5 working days

  • SLA - Stereolithography

    SLA is the technology that provides the best dimensional accuracy, surface finish and the shortest lead time.

  • CJP - ColorJet Printing

    ColorJet Printing is the first technology that offers full-colour plastic components directly from the machine. Our machine produces components that have a high resolution and an incredible surface finish. The components are flexible and strong, and this technology replaces/supplements the plaster machines that have been available for some time. CJP is normally delivered within 1-3 working days.