CJP - ColorJet Printing

ColorJet Printing is the first technology that offers full-colour plastic components directly from the machine. Our machine produces components that have a high resolution and an incredible surface finish. The components are flexible and strong, and this technology replaces/supplements the plaster machines that have been available for some time. CJP is normally delivered within 1-3 working days.

CJP quickly produces realistic prototypes of your final product and there is often no need for any expensive finishing processes, such as cleaning and painting.

The plastic material, VisiJet® C4 Spectrum, is sintered together using CMY binding fluid, enabling print-outs with a million colours. CJP is a technology we use to produce visual full-colour models without any time-consuming finishing processes, such as cleaning and painting. The surface structure of the CJP components is slightly rougher than with SLA and SLS.

"CJP - full color models in plastic"

Technical Description

The additive manufacturing process starts with a CAD file, for example IGS and STEP. The CAD file is converted into STL. The computer model is then cut into layers of up to 0.1 mm using special software. These layers are transferred to the machine, which starts to print one layer at a time. When a layer is complete, the building platform is lowered, more material is added and the next layer is printed. This is repeated until the model is completed. 

CJP technology uses plastic powder, VisiJet® C4 Spectrum, and a binding liquid. The powder is divided into thin layers over the construction surface using a roller. After each layer, a coloured binding fluid is injected from a printer head. When the binding fluid is mixed with the core material, it sets/hardens. 

CJP technology allows full-colour models to be printed directly from the machine, which reduces the need for any finishing.

Click here to see a video of the principle behind CJP.

Material Properties

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Machine Specification

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